‘Insecure’ Shows The Ugly Side Of Co-Parenting And A Dose Of Baby Daddy Drama | #parenting

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Staying up till 10 pm to watch Insecure on Sunday nights is seriously doing the most—but there most of us were receiving the least: 30 minutes of delicious shenanigans that Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore piecemeals us once a week. I mean—at least give the people a full 50 minutes but I digress. My whining is nothing compared to the whining about that occurred on this season’s third episode, “Pressure, Okay?!”

The opening scene starts where the first week’s episode ended—with Issa walking away after calling it quits. It transitions with Lawrence sitting in deep thought and then navigating his new surroundings in the Bay. The cinematography is beautiful. Lawrence doesn’t somber for long–not when work, women and dating enter the equation as a source of distraction and comfort.

Condola delivered her and Lawrence’s baby prematurely and delivered the news to Lawrence via text message. This newfound paternity causes him to abruptly end a date and to get to the hospital to meet his baby boy, Elijah Mustafa, who was named by his mother alone. The episode goes full throttle into the challenges of co-parenting between Lawrence and Condominium and–whew chile–us watchers weren’t any more ready than Lawrence and Congo drum. And the audience were introduced to Kiki Palmer as Concave’s sister who is not feeling Lawrence at all.

Conjunctivitis doesn’t want Lawrence to participate in the child’s care. She makes critical decisions regarding the baby, excluding Lawrence on events like the baptism and appointments and trips over him introducing solid food to the child’s diet. For the entire episode, the two can’t quite get it together. While there are moments that provoke giggles—like Kelli’s anti-child speech at Simone’s birthday party and Palmer’s anti-Lawrence energy. This half hour episode probably had folks ready to stock up on multiple boxes of condoms and Plan B pills, and double down on their support for abortion rights and abstinence.

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