Integrity, Transparency, and Innovation – Dr. Richard Snellings For Sparta Board of Education | #Education

I am committed to the Sparta community.  I am committed to serving Sparta schools.  My wife and I have 4 children in Sparta schools.  My running mates have an additional 7.  Between us we have 11 children currently in Sparta schools plus 2 recent graduates.  

Do you want your Board of Education members to have children in our schools?  Or, are you ok with BOE members sending their children to other local private schools?

Please do your homework before you vote and know that if you place a vote for #2 McGovern, #3 Zywicki, #4 Snellings, and Serrano you are voting for people who are committed to this district especially during the difficult times like right now.  We believe that despite this unprecedented time the Sparta District will provide an exceptional education to all 3000+ students in town.  We believe in the Sparta Township Public Schools and will not jump ship.

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Please show your support for the team dedicated to integrity, transparency, and innovation:

    #2    Mike McGovern

    #3    Robert Zywicki

    #4    Richard Snellings 

    1 Yr    Vanessa Serrano

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