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Celebrated on March 8th every year, International Women’s Day is a celebration of women’s achievements as they continue to fight for equality.

On March 8th, members of the Multicultural Services and Programs set to make the women of Indiana State University feel celebrated. I

n the DEDE Fountain Plaza, members of the Multicultural Services and Programs held a booth of celebration for women.

One of the booth members, Lilly Howard, mentioned, “Like a woman’s birthday and Mother’s Day, we choose to give flowers and items of beauty to women on this day.” They had beautiful flowers of shades red and white.

They also had buttons of women’s advocacy and pamphlets explaining International Women’s Day, stating, “Join the movement by joining these activist groups who are making a difference: Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, World Pulse, Global Grassroots, Global Fund for Women, Happy Period, National Organization for Women, Association for Women’s Right in Development, UN Women, The Women’s Refugee Commission, and Pro Mujer.”

 Another booth member, Duoa Malibani, said, “If a man asked for a flower or gift, we would give them one. We would just ask that they would find a woman to give it to.” Both Lilly Howard and Duoa Malibani are members of the Multicultural Services and Programs, which help to advocate the globalization of gender equality for all. People are stronger in a community.Women advocating for women are stronger together. Joining a club or organization can help to gain more momentum to rise against the world’s inequality.

These groups are not limited to all women advocacy organizations, joining any in this range, or outside, is highly advised through the fight for equality. The pamphlets at the booth encouraged women to fight for, “Reproductive rights, economic justice, ending violence against women, radical justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, and constitutional rights.” To fight for freedom, women must use their voices in any way they can. Women are still on a move to stop gender inequality, and members of every gender community should help aid the path to equality for all.

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