Internet Safety for Children

Story(JOPLIN, Mo.) Corporal Paul Rowe, of the Joplin Police Department, says internet crimes involving children happen more often than most people think.

“We see a lot of that,” said Cpl. Paul Rowe, Joplin Police Department.

The internet is more popular than ever and with the advancement of technology, a child’s access to internet is even greater. Which places kids at a larger risk of falling victim to internet predators.

“With everybody being online, and having cell phones and access to the internet all the time, there’s a lot of predators out there,” said Rowe.

For that reason alone, Rowe is stressing the importance of talking with your children about internet safety. He says a lot can be prevented if parents simply facilitate that conversation.

“Talk to them about safety and about making sure that they’re not sharing personal information. Not agreeing to meet with a stranger, because often times people will misrepresent themselves online. And you know, monitor what you’re children are doing online,” he said.

Rowe, a parent himself, is encouraging parents not to fall victim to the generational digital divide. He’s urging parents to be responsible for learning what technology their children are using and how to protect them in the digital world.

“It’s our responsibility as parents to make sure that our children are safe. A great deal can be reduced just by taking charge and watching what our children are doing online,” said Rowe.

Source: St. Joe Channel