Iowa City man charged with terrorism, leaving explosive devices | #teacher | #children | #kids

An Iowa City man has been charged with terrorism after police say he left a backpack with incendiary materials and an attached fuse at the Guidelink Center on Tuesday, leading to the evacuation of that building and, later, a downtown apartment complex.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office issued a news release Wednesday afternoon that said it had arrested and charged Nezzy Underscore Conway, 23, with possession of an incendiary or explosive device, a Class C felony, and an outstanding warrant for 4th degree criminal mischief for failing to appear in an unrelated incident. Conway is also being charged by University of Iowa Police with terrorism, a Class B felony, and possession of an incendiary or explosive device from a related investigation.

A criminal complaint filed Wednesday by UI police alleges that, at 9:16 a.m. Tuesday, law enforcement was called to the College of Public Health for a possible incendiary device placed in an exterior electrical outlet that appeared to be singed from where someone attempted to set it on fire.

Law enforcement from the Iowa City Police Department and Johnson County Metro Bomb Squad respond to a call after evacuating the Capitol House Apartments on Tuesday at 320 S. Dubuque St. in Iowa City.

The device was attached with a bright yellow or green tape, the same that was later found in a backpack left at the Guidelink Center and in Conway’s apartment. Above the outlet on the wall, the word “HELP” was written with what appeared to be soot or ash. 

Police say a notebook containing the following statement was found: “Use incendiaries to destroy the electric box by the courthouse.” They say it was signed with Conway’s name.

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