Ireland faces ‘critical two weeks’ in fight against virus, Minister says | #students | #parents

Fears over increased Covid-19 restrictions for other urban and localised areas are growing after the Government imposed Level 3 restrictions on colleges, which will see most tuition move online.

While third-level institutions will remain open during the move lasting up to three weeks, all lectures and most tutorials are expected to migrate online. Students will be encouraged to remain at home rather than travel to their campus. Libraries and laboratories in colleges are expected to remain open, but with social distancing measures in place and regulation on entry. All social activities on campus have been suspended.

Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris said the decision was grounded on the experience in other jurisdictions where there were significant increases in coronavirus cases after colleges reopened.

He also said it was a response to the current situation in Ireland, where the country faced a “critical two weeks” in its efforts to curb the disease.

“Notwithstanding all the protective measures that have been put in place by our higher level institutions, you will appreciate there is now a growing concern about the impact the recommencement on campus of [student] activity will have on the very fragile epidemiological situation that pertains at present.

“We are asking people to show common sense. If you don’t have to trek across the country to attend a lecture, you should not have to,” he said.

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