Is Ariel Winter married

No–but the Modern Family star recently stirred up a hot brew of gossip when it was suggested that she planned on tying the knot with boyfriend LaurentClaude Gaudette for her upcoming 18th birthday. Winter herself addresed the rumors in a recent Instagram post…and expressed a bit of skepticism.

Winter, who recently elicited a huge chorus of “Awwww” when she celebrated her two-year anniversary with Gaudette, was named in a Star feature that suggested she planned on pulling a surprise wedding on the day she turned 18. Winter will hit the big number on January 28th of next year, which would mean she’s been in wedding planning (and super secret) mode for quite awhile now. However, the star also recently discussed her very serious intentions toward college: she’s applying to fifteen (15) different schools, and will possibly leave Modern Family if she doesn’t get accepted into an LA-area university.

Buttless leather chaps? Morgan Freeman as Master of Ceremonies? And a newly resurrected Chopin? Winter and Adjani would make excellent fantasy wedding planners, if they ever need second careers. Though Chopin, while a poet of sound, is perhaps a bit morose for a wedding–if you’re going to resurrect someone to process to, you might try Buddy Holly instead.