Is parents humiliating kids online an okay punishment?

enhanced-18393-1433085456-15-300x195According to Buzzfeed a dad from Florida posted a video on Facebook where he calls out parents for publicly humiliating their children on line as a form of punishment.

In the Video Wayman Gresham starts off by saying he’s going to teach his son a lesson.  He tells viewers that he’s going to follow suit of other parents who post humiliating videos of their children as discipline when they’re not happy with their children actions.  As he goes to shave his sons head, Gresham says, “Come here, boy. Give me a hug”.

Gresham feels that good parenting doesn’t need to be that extreme and that parents should set and example for their kids. He feels that posting videos with profanity or violence isn’t doing that.

I had never thought about it before I read the article, but I agree with Gresham. There are other ways for parents to punish their child. Take away their phone, or their computer privilege, prevent them from hanging out with their friends over the weekend. Whatever their punishment, it doesn’t need to be for the world to see.

Also, teens are constantly being reminded to be careful about what they post online. We are constantly being told that once something is online, it’s there forever. Something you thought was a good idea to post in high school may come back around to hurt your chances of getting a job in the future, or anything where someone searches you online first.

By posting a humiliating video of your child online for a temporary punishment, you are doing something that may effect their permanent future. Especially if it goes viral. A future employer could look your child up online and be shown that video. It probably won’t look to good for them.

So parents, be careful what you post online, it could effect your child’s future.