Is YOUR home childproof? How flat screen TVs, E-cigarettes and nappy bags are putting children at risk… and most accidents happen in summer holidays

2A9EE2E000000578-3165128-House_hazard_Summer_is_the_peak_season_for_childhood_accidents_a-a-7_1437133545182As schools break up for the summer holidays, parents are being urged to take basic safety precautions to protect their children from the hidden dangers lurking in their homes.

Summer is the peak season for childhood accidents, and almost half of them occur at home, with many seriously harmed or even killed by everyday items their parents assumed were innocuous.

The UK’s biggest parenting site Netmums and accident prevention charity RoSPA have teamed up to educate parents on how to avoid the risks.

A Netmums survey found that only 25 per cent had taken the time to childproof their home and just eight per cent installed safety straps on flat screens, despite the TVs being one of the biggest killers of young children.

More than a quarter (29 per cent) had never installed stair gates while 37 per cent had not put bleach and cleaning chemicals out of children’s reach.

On average, households spent under £50 on child safety equipment, with one in seven families complaining they could not afford the items they needed.

Source: Daily Mail