It Can wait: Texting-while-driving like a drug

I am a high school student and I know people who text and drive, but one was unfortunate. I feel that texting and driving is like a drug that should become illegal. It needs to stop because of family drama of death and the feelings and emotions people may feel. But it all starts with you, and you should know that you are not alone.

I can go on about facts and statistics of how many people got in a crash and bore you, but the truth is facts won’t stop this; cold facts are rarely the cure to the problem. The imagination of the teen is much greater than any fact. What is so important that someone must text you? You may say that, hypothetically, a loved one is in the hospital, but honestly if it is that important you may receive a call which is much safer than shooting a text.

Saying it will never happen is like saying that car accidents don’t happen. Most of the accidents are because of texting. However little the chance, always be safer than sorry. You have probably seen the scenarios that happen on television. It happens so fast. There is rarely ever an opportunity to protect yourself or the victim. The injuries too are the scariest, which is death and, if you are very lucky, (meaning one in 1 million) then you may come out not injured. If you don’t come out okay, then think of your family and how sad they will be, or even the victim’s family, who will be in complete shock, and you in fact could have seriously injured or killed them, even if that was not your intention. It only gets worse, especially when it involves friends, the ones in the car with you, that also get injured, and the ones that are texting you.

Luckily you are reading this. We have all been fortunate enough for AT&T to help us. To make the world a better and safer place they encouraged hundreds of thousands of employees to sign the pledge. That is many innocent lives saved. Don’t think that there’s nothing out there. There is now safe technology to help our little temptation while driving cease. AT&T has reached out to everyone trying to have social media support the movement, and making commercials trying to spread the word. Texting and driving can end now.

Driving and texting is like a drug that needs to stop now. With all the emotions it stirs with society, victims, and loved ones’ families. The cure to defeat texting and driving is for you to spread the word. For teens, driving is a privilege, and is often abused and causes many people to suffer. As a whole community we can spread the word and movement so that others can start to end texting and driving too. If we stick to our promises, texting and driving will cease, and the roads will be safer and families could have a peace of mind.