‘It’s all about bringing joy to the kids’ | #specialneeds | #kids

The Kings’ Daughters’ School and local citizens came together this week to bring a little Christmas cheer to kids in need.

Over the last four years, the school, which specializes in caring for children with special needs, celebrates the holidays by raising money to purchase and deliver presents to students who fall under the state’s custody — without families, these children would likely not receive anything from Santa come Christmastime.

This year’s fundraising drew more than $2,000 in donations, mostly from individual citizens, which afforded presents to 17 kids. This included anything TVs and tablet devices to toys and clothing. There was also a $100 donation that provided pizzas.

One of the Kings' Daughters' Schools' state custody kids opens presents during the school's annual Christmas celebration at Asgard Brewing Co. & Taproom.

“This is just a really rewarding thing that happens, and as soon as you tell people about the kids they want to donate,” Ray Turner, a key organizer who dons his Santa Claus suit every year to deliver the presents, said.

“It’s a really good program that I will continue to do as long as I’m physically able to.”

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