It’s This Easy For a ‘Predator’ to Target Your Child on Social Media

This is what a parent’s nightmares are made of. A social experiment carried out by YouTuber Coby Persin throws light on just how dangerous unsupervised access to social media can get. The video, with shocking results to the experiment, is now viral with over 31 million views on YouTube since it was posted about a week ago.

For his ‘Child Predator’ experiment, 21-year-old Coby pretends to be a 15-year-old and befriends young girls aged 14, 13 and 12 on Facebook. He does this with the permission of said girls’ parents.

Then, one by one, Coby gets in touch with his new friends and asks them to meet him. The parents also accompany Coby discreetly to see if their daughters will really meet a male stranger, let him into the house, even get into a car with him after dark.

Do they? Watch the video to find out the frightening results.

The faces of the girls have been masked to protect their identities. Our note to Coby – perhaps the faces of the parents should have been as well.