Jasper Police Chief Seeks to Charge Teen with Harassment for Cyber Bullying

Jasper police chief is asking the county prosecutor to charge an eighteen year old woman with harassment for a video post on facebook.
He delivered a request for a felony cyber bullying harassment charge because the online video included minors.
Chief Chad Karr said, “We have our people in Jasper, parents and the kids, that do want to pursue charges.”

Charges because their photos were part of a video called 417 ‘F..boys’.
The Jasper police chief says a teen who’s picture appeared in the video contacted him first saying, “It’s uncalled for and ruined my day.”
The video which isn’t the only one of its kind on the internet included an image of a Lamar, Missouri police officer. Lamar Police Chief Rusty Rives says images are pulled form social media accounts which isn’t a crime but said, “It’s the manner in which its used, the intent in which its used, and the harm it causes to the victim.”

Chief Karr said he started by simply asking the poster to take the video down. A request, he said, she reposted and mocked along with her friends.

He said, “they don’t think it’s a big deal. They believe its their first amendment right .”

But Karr said the new cyberbullying law falls under harassment including someone who , “knowingly frightens or intimidates or makes unwanted communication.” The teen is supposed to switch schools to be a jasper high senior next year, which causes Karr concern about more cyber bullying in his community.

Karr said, “How many people see it. See you being degraded and then people get on there they share it. So, I think it’s a lot worse than actual bullying in person which is bad enough. There’s been kids in this area who killed themselves over bullying.”

It’s not just the reaction to the online post the chief is worried about. He said there have been actual fights prompted by online bullying.

Karr explained, “ Last summer with the same girl, same group, we responded to two fights in progress over her attacking people on facebook.”

Rives added, “What we’re trying to do when you investigate a case like this, you try to keep it from escalating. Whether that be one person instigating a crime against another person or whether it just ramping up emotions, if these two people ever meet it does cause problems.

We contacted the teen accused on facebook who said she wouldn’t comment on camera but is quote “Hoping this dies down.”
Karr said that won’t be the case especially if the prosecutor follows through on the charges.
And he’s sharing his report with other area chiefs and sheriffs.

Source: http://www.koamtv.com/story/35990765/jasper-police-chief-seeks-to-charge-teen-with-harassment-for-cyber-bullying