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Primary school teacher and church youth leader, 35, is banned from the classroom after failing to tell headteacher she had tested positive for cocaine

  • Barbara Twumasi, 35, was found by Met Police with Class A drugs  in her car
  • The teacher told Jessop Primary School in London about her arrest
  • She did not tell the Lambeth school she ‘tasted’ cocaine  
  • The banned teacher could return to the classroom in two years

A primary school teacher and church leader has been banned from the classroom after she did not disclose her positive cocaine test. 

Barbara Twumasi, 35, admitted to the Met Police that she ‘tasted’ the cocaine. 

Officers found the London teacher sitting in her car outside her home in the early hours of the morning. 

She had a small plastic bag of white powder in a metal container inside her jacket pocket.

The teacher at Jessop Primary School teacher was taken to the police station after being arrested at 4.11am on 9 February 2019 for possessing a Class A drug.

The 35-year-old tested positive for cocaine. 

When Barbara Twumasi returned to the classroom, she told Jessop Primary School’s headteacher in Lambeth, South London, that she had been arrested but not that she had tested positive for cocaine 

She accepted a police caution for drug possession in the early hours of Saturday morning.

When she returned to the classroom on Monday, she told the head at Jessop Primary School that she had been arrested but not that she had tested positive.  

The Outstanding Ofsted school asked police for more information about her arrest on 29 March 2019. 

Met Police revealed the positive drug test on 2 April 2019. 

Ms Twumasi was suspended on April 8 for a disciplinary investigation which led to her being fired on July 18.

A Teaching Regulation Agency virtual hearing on December 10 told the 35-year-old that her suspension might have happened much sooner if she had been honest with her employers. 

Banning her from the profession, Alan Meyrick, for the education secretary, said the teacher ‘acted without integrity in the information she had provided to the school’. 

‘Ms Twumasi had committed a serious criminal offence which had resulted in a police caution,’ Mr Meyrick added. 

Dr Zubair Hanslot, who chaired the virtual hearing, said Ms Twumasi acknowledged she did not tell the school the ‘full extent’ of her caution for drug possession.  

Dr Hanslot said: ‘She thought the police would send a report to the school, containing all the details of the incident including the positive drug test, and that it would come to light in due course.’ 

The panel also heard glowing references from the teacher’s church that ‘Barbara took her responsibilities very seriously.

‘With a humble heart she supported the church during Sunday services by reading sermons to our congregation and assisted in community events.’

‘Over the years, I have seen Barbara grow into a responsible, respected and a trustworthy member of our community.

‘Barbara is also a committed member of our Young Adult Fellowship group and currently, volunteers as the group’s treasurer.

‘Furthermore, during the pandemic, Barbara helped deliver food parcels and often would ring members of the congregation to check on their wellbeing.’

‘Barbara has supported youth events, church events and community events. She is helpful to the community such helping with food parcels and supporting young people in the youth café and helping young people with their homework.’  

She may apply to be reinstated after two years.

A panel could meet to consider whether the prohibition order should be set aside but if Ms Twumasi is not successful she is banned indefinitely. 


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