Jill Dilliard On Being Accused Of Child Abuse After Latest Video Release With Israel

Controversies behind the Duggar family won’t seem to end, especially now that Jill Duggar-Dillard along with her husband Derrick are being accused of child abuse. It all started when Jill uploaded a video of their baby boy Israel who is only 7 months old on Instagram. The Inquisitr noticed that she posted with a note saying her son was right in the middle of a photoshoot.

After a lot of their followers have seen her post, she was immediately accused of child abuse, as she was said to be using the blanket training method for their son. It was such a big deal because it is a way to forcefully hold down a baby in order to get some good shots of him for a photo session. This practice would mean having the baby be placed on a blanket before trying to roll him or her over and leave the place.

The Inquisitr also pointed out that the video Jill posted simply showed how it is not easy for them to get a good shot of their child during the photo shoot. It was a fail attempt for her to just share without knowing it would lead to something huge that people would say they are abusing their child.

Derrick defended himself saying, “I didn’t know it was ok to push a baby down for a photo and knock their heads on soft surfaces! Thanks for clearing that up. SILLY ME warning a new dad to be careful?” But that didn’t made him escape people from criticizing him and his wife.

As much as the couple would like for this issue to die, it seems that it would just even become a bigger issue since this is not the first time the Duggar family was accused of child abuse. Radar Online revealed another incident that even involved a police report stating one of the Duggar kids confessed that their parents were spanking them.

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