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When seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson found out he and his wife Chandra had tested positive for COVID-19, the driver spent little time worrying about himself.

As an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, he says he feels completely fine, even though he knows the dangers of the illness. Instead, his focus turned to his two daughters. Johnson has a six-year-old, Lydia, and a nine-year-old, Genevieve, and as he navigates how to recover, he’s struggling to figure out how to do his job as a father.

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“I think our biggest concern right now is just for our children,” Johnson told NASCAR on ESPN. “They are negative as of yesterday. Of course, we’re being very responsible in our home and trying to self-isolate, but at the same time, we have to parent. And that’s really the tricky hurdle we’re trying to sort out right now on top of managing their fears.”

Those fears manifest themselves during otherwise routine chores. Johnson said he and his wife have to figure out how to feed their kids, for example.

Making things tougher is the fact that Johnson doesn’t know how long he’s had the virus. While the driver says he’s OK, his wife has been feeling her normal allergy symptoms.

What’s also stood out to Johnson is the possibility that he could have been spreading COVID-19 without knowing it.

Though Johnson emphasized he’s been taking all precautions, he still wasn’t able to avoid the virus.

“I don’t think you can be careful enough,” Johnson said. “Clearly we weren’t. With our best attempts, we still ended up positive somehow.”

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