John’s Theme Song – Choking Up (Download Link In Description)

“Choking Up” is the first single from John’s Theme Song. DTK Entertainment 2013. Download Link: Like wh…

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8 thoughts on “John’s Theme Song – Choking Up (Download Link In Description)

  1. Robert Catalano

    I’ve been a Rocker since day one; this song is good, music and vocals. Tom
    “Hopeless” is obviously not one of us.

  2. Anabel Bachrach

    I love this music, I love this song, you guys are a great band, and getting
    to know about you guys more and vice versa would be great as I am
    developing an alternative voice~ ignore my youtube videos theyre older, and
    i dont sound good nor sing good music there- in the past year ive matured
    and grown a love for music like this- btw in case youre wondering who you
    followed me on instagram @staymusical_anabee so ya keep producing! Xo

  3. Anabel Bachrach

    If its not your kind of music, whatever nobody gives a shit. But to say it
    sucks is denying art. Im picky with music, but I barely ever rate a song as
    suckish even if I dont like the genre. If youre tbat ignorant we dont need
    to hear it.