Journalist Natalie Morales Talks ‘Stranger Danger’

Journalist and mom Natalie Morales talked about a four-part series she did for “Dateline” called “My Kid Would Never Do That,” and put her 8-year-old son Jos…


4 thoughts on “Journalist Natalie Morales Talks ‘Stranger Danger’

  1. Shhh! I'm Watching Silent Films.

    I wonder how many “know” the correct answer, yet say or do what the other
    person(s) want them to? The kids (or at what age) they’re apt to be people
    pleasers is also a question. I think most kids pay attention to much more
    than what they are given credit for.

  2. tsharpe1955

    Kids dont ever get it even so called young adults by the time they start
    using there just idiot’s, and our tax dollars get wasted on the older
    one’s. There should be a no plea death peanalty for anyone who kidnaps and
    harm a small child!