K8 News – The Choking Game

Kids are choking themselves and each other for fun.


25 thoughts on “K8 News – The Choking Game

  1. atarian999

    It’s called, “Survival of the fittest.” If you’re stupid enough to do it,
    then so be it. There’s plenty of intelligent ones out there that will not
    do this. More opportunities for them with the idiots dead or brain damaged.

  2. Videomaster74

    what the hell is wrong with u it’s sad imagine walking in the room and u
    see ur mom hainging there daead………it’s sick and sad and for u to say
    its aswome that is sad and i feel bad for u u should stop before u die im
    not joking

  3. J7O2E7Y

    those kids should just smoke some weed, it’s safer. …but then again, this
    is what we get when weed isn’t legal.

  4. kofinck

    esa es una muy buena de eliminar esa tira de invesiles buenos para nada
    siguan siguan xfavor droguense matence juguen esas uevadas muerance pliz X)

  5. campkilldavy

    who thought choking youself could be this dangerous?!?! next thing you know
    we cant play russian roulet because its dangerous. or that cutting will
    give you cancer! pshht, preposterous

  6. chikenkiller123

    i would slap each and every kid that does this in the face……no offense
    but do you notice that every kid that does this is white

  7. Samantha Schumann

    ok thats STUPID. y do people choke eachother 4 fun? what dum ass think that
    it is cool 2 choke 2 death i mean come on!

  8. lokitaxti1987

    son estupidos juegan con sus propias vidas que tendran en el cerebro no
    valoran su vida idiotas!!