Kate Ferdinand chats about co-parenting advice with rapper Krept & Sasha Ellese | #parenting

Former The Only Way is Essex star Kate Ferdinand talks all about the world of co-parenting and discusses juggling parenthood while starting a business with rapper Krept and fashion influencer and Sasha Ellese.

On Kate’s podcast Blended, she speaks with half of the hip-hop duo Krept & Konan, Krept, along with his ex-girlfriend and model Sasha Ellese.

The couple share two-year-old Nala together. They split up around a year ago after dating for almost four years, when their daughter was eight months old, and have had a positive experience co-parenting so far.

Krept explained that the best way to have a successful co-parenting relationship was by “putting our child first before emotions, before feelings, before anything that’s going on between us”.

Krept went on to say that he wishes there was more representation in everyday life of blended families and single-parent families. He thinks things like books would help normalise it for children and help them feel included if that’s what their family dynamic is like. 

“One-in-four families are blended now”, Kate responded, agreeing that there is not enough representation of blended families in everyday life. 

When it came to sharing advice on how he and and fashion influencer Sasha still have a good relationship after splitting up, the Freak of the Week singer said, “If you’re just starting your co-parenting, you’re at the stage where it’s really emotional and now more than ever is the kind of best time to try and get hold of your emotions and put the child first”.

“As time goes on, it will get better and your emotions will stabilise a bit more and, you know, everything will become a lot easier and it will become your norm”. 

Communication is key for the rapper to ensure he is as involved as he can be in his daughter’s life. “If you’re going through that co-parenting journey, you don’t want to be missing any moments to do with your kid because of your communication with each other and your feelings getting in the way”. 

26-year-old Sasha replied with her own advice. “Try and focus on what you did have for the love of your child”.

As well as co-parenting their toddler, the couple also own a children’s skincare brand together named Nala’s Baby, which just launched this week.

The couple began working on the brand when Sasha was pregnant and continued to work 50/50 on it during the Covid-19 lockdowns and up to today.

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