Kate Middleton moves away from ‘royal traditions’ and parents in her ‘own style’ | #parenting

Mariyah added: “When out in public together, she is always close by to George, Charlotte and Louis, making sure to give them space whilst also reassuring them that she is on hand.

“Despite being surrounded by cameras and press, she is always watching her children and if they become distressed or in-need, she often kneels by their side to reassure them.”

Kate comes to her children’s level so that she can speak to them using eye contact.

This is proven to be a powerful way of communicating and it also proves to the children that she is equal to them.

The expert said: “With the royal princes and princess attending a well regarding private school in Battersea, there are many reasons such an establishment would have been chosen.

“A key one that comes to mind is considering the need for privacy, for such high profile tots.”

While the children are seen at royal engagements, Kate and William do keep their children’s lives very private.

Leon added that the couple could also have picked their private school because they offer more after-school activities.

The expert explained: “Top prep schools offer this and so much more in terms of extra-curricular activities which often elongates the school day considerably.

“My own children are picked up by the school bus at 8am and do not return until after 6pm, where they normally have double or triple after school activities as well as homework club.

“Perfect for allowing busy parents to keep working without the refocus of childcare.”

Attending after-school activities and improving their learning will help the royal children in their roles within the Royal Family when they grow up.

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