Kate Middleton news: Body language shows ‘hands-off’ parenting techniques with children | #parenting

Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 38, have three children together. Their body language shows the parenting techniques they could use.

Kate married Prince William at Westminster Abbey in April 2011.

Fast forward two years, and their eldest son, Prince George, seven, was born.

Princess Charlotte, five, was born in May 2015 and the royals welcomed Prince Louis, two, in April 2018.

The Duchess of Cambridge has spoken about her children in the past and opened up about her own parenting concerns.

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During the coronavirus lockdown, Kate and Prince William explained their struggles with homeschooling.

While the royals are candid about their children, the young royals are mostly kept out of the public eye.

The Duke and Duchess prefer to share snaps of their youngsters which they have taken themselves at home.

When they do appear out in public, Kate’s body language could show some parenting techniques she uses.


For such appearances, body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk that Kate puts focus on helping her children feel grown-up.

“Kate obviously finds it important to create a five strong unit,” she said.

“Her attention and bonding techniques seem to involve bending to the child’s height to communicate.

“This might suggest a desire to grow their confidence by tuning into them to make them feel more grown-up and independent.”

She added: “Her body language suggests Kate’s happy to present Charlotte as more of an independent, active spirit.

“In one picture, Kate opts for a slightly more self-diminished pose, sitting smiling with her legs crossed while George and Charlotte do their own thing.

“The way she’s holding Charlotte suggests she’ll step in if necessary but otherwise create a slightly more relaxed, hands-off presence.

“The way Kate’s laughing with Charlotte shows she’s keen for them to have as much fun in their lives as possible.”

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