Kate Middleton parenting: Duchess has ‘unique’ parenting style | #parenting

“She has an immense responsibility to ensure her children behave, which must put her under supreme pressure, however she manages this with style and grace, as would be expected for a high-ranking member of the royal family.”

The expert added that Kate’s parenting follows traditional royal parenting techniques as well as adding her own in.

She puts forward what she wants the world to see, what the public expect to see and hardly ever falters,” Martina added.

The expert continued: “She follows the traditions of the royal family, while also introducing a hands-on approach with her parenting that has rarely been seen before. 

“Yet she doesn’t take this too far, she displays just enough humanity and maternal love in the public eye in order for us to relate, while still ensuring the children project the image that’s expected of them, flawless, composed and well behaved. 

“Kate seems, to us, as stern but fair, as if she wouldn’t tolerate tantrums or whining, when in front of the paparazzi, she and the children have a job to do, and she executes this seamlessly and seemingly without much effort which begs the question of, how much training, discipline, motivation and incentives are required behind the scenes and in the lead up to these public appearances?”

The royal couple have openly spoken about their parenting struggles in the past and Kate also has a number of interests in early years, including her recent 5 Big Questions on the Under Fives.

It was revealed that the couple use a ‘chat sofa’ instead of a naughty step to help discipline the children and educate them rather than tell them off.

Previously, Royal Family members would have frowned upon showing affection in public but this is something that Kate and William do on regular occasions.

Martina added: “Kate has brought the family into a new era with her parenting as she’s displayed love and affection in public, cuddling the children, laughing with them, rather than pitching them as stoic accessories and ornaments as heir to a kingdom. 

“She obviously has a loving bond with her children, and with every appearance that love shines through. She treats her children as equals, as individuals of importance to her and William, and is keen to ensure they feel as though their voices are heard while letting them know they are so very loved.

“She blends traditional parenting with modern techniques, and is unashamed of the love she displays, which is refreshing. 

“Previously, royal family members would view any display of emotion as a weakness, yet Kate displays this as a strength. 

“It’s obvious, through her interactions, that she’s worked hard to understand her children’s wants and needs, and she gives the impression that behind closed doors she is very hands on and takes the role of mother seriously. It’s hard to imagine Kate following royal family tradition where the nanny practically brought up the children. 

“Through public appearances and displays of affection we can visualise Kate reading bedtime stories, negotiating with a tired toddler and soothing a princess to sleep. 

“In short, all parents can relate to Kate’s parenting technique in one way or another, and she manages her unique and difficult position with aplomb, giving us just enough of a glimpse, while staying professional and maintaining that stiff upper lip.”

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