Kickstarter launches to offer resources for parents to keep teens and kids safe online

20150755b119e05adc0Though there are upsides to social media, there are also dangers—predators, cyberbullying, talking to strangers, developing anti-social tendencies, and psychological issues are all some of the possibilities. In fact, 82% of child predator incidents were initiated online. Yet, due to the electronic nature, parents often do not know what is going on until it is too late.

ThirdParent is excited to announce that they have launched a Kickstarter campaign ( with a unique goal – to build out and test a free version of their internet resource for parents.

ThirdParent’s current service generates a Social Score for kids and teens that:

· Gives parents a clear look at what kids are doing online and where

· Highlights unsafe or inappropriate activity

· Gives concrete recommendations for corrective action

· Respects the privacy of minors

· Gives parents the tools to have more effective conversations about best practices

According to ThirdParent Co-founder and CEO Gary Zell, “As a parent, it can be a full time job to track everything your child or teen is doing online. Is he being cyberbullied, or is he a bully himself? Would his posts look inappropriate to a college recruiter or future employer? Is she exposing herself to predator risk? Armed with a ThirdParent Social Score, parents get the tools they need to be excellent digital parents. If we can make a version free for all parents, we would view that as a big win for everyone.”

The Kickstarter campaign, kicked off yesterday, will run for 33 days and has a goal of raising at least $25,000.

About ThirdParent:

Created by parents for parents in 2013, ThirdParent specializes in Internet safety for teens and kids. ThirdParent provides discreet, professional online monitoring and reporting services to equip parents with the tools and resources needed to proactively safeguard the privacy and reputation of their kids online. For more information,

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