Kid Rock Surprises Fan With Special Needs At His Birthday Party | #specialneeds | #kids

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Heart-warming footage has resurfaced showing Kid Rock surprising a fan with Down’s Syndrome by turning up at his 30th birthday party.

Dan McGurk’s family, who are based in Toledo, Ohio, had invited the country singer and rapper to the milestone birthday party, with Dan recording a video invitation where he declared himself to be the ‘No. 1 Kid Rock fan’.

In the video, Dan can be seen showing off his impressive collection of Kid Rock merchandise, which includes various T-shirts and posters. His dedication to the iconic rocker and his music is clear to see, as is his hope that Kid Rock would see the video. Then the unbelievable happened.

You can watch the surprise below:

The clip quickly went viral, with people all over the world rooting for Dan’s hero to accept the heartfelt invite. But the McGurk family could never have guessed Kid Rock would actually turn up to the bash in person.

Delightful footage shows Dan seated with his family while celebrating his 30th at the Clarkston Union restaurant in Detroit, still talking about how much he would love it if Kid Rock was to attend.

The joyful look on Dan’s face after Kid Rock joined them – singing Happy Birthday as he strolled in – and put his arm around Dan is just overwhelmingly lovely, and shows that birthday wishes sometimes really do come true.

Kid Rock stayed with the family as they sung Happy Birthday, and as he blew out his candles, Dan gestured to his surprise guest and said, ‘My wish is that the American Bad Ass is here,’ making a reference to the 2000 Kid Rock tune.

DanColleen McGurk/YouTube

The life-affirming footage goes on to show Dan and Kid Rock chatting together at the party, with Kid Rock gifting him a box full of personal presents, including an ‘American Badass’ baseball cap and an autographed guitar. He also promised him some tickets for his next concert.

The clip recently resurfaced on Reddit, where people have been greatly moved by Kid Rock’s generosity towards Dan.

That brought tears to my eyes, it was wonderful.

These are the kind of things that restore my faith in humanity!

Kid Rock’s publicist explained the musician had heard about the birthday party invitation through friends, the Detroit Free Press reports.

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