Kid Snippets: “Stranger Danger” (Imagined by Kids)

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25 thoughts on “Kid Snippets: “Stranger Danger” (Imagined by Kids)

  1. MomentsOfColor

    This is Pure Genius! My 11 year old recommended your channel (11 going on
    30 lol) and I cannot get enough! I can’t stop laughing at this one in
    particular 🙂 Thank you for creating an awesome way for me and my son to
    bond–hearing him laugh so hard is music to my ears and heart as well

  2. runrockwater

    the video makes sense coz at school the kids r encouraged to make friends,
    my nephew talks to anyone but he mostly seeks out kids his age. Not sure if
    my sis has taught him about safety yet

  3. Nope Smith

    This is definitely there funniest one. I cried from laughing so hard. I
    showed it to my parents and they cried from laughter. Favorite one for sure

  4. josh Strunk

    my friend and i were in a park just chillin and we had just watched this
    video. so we became friends when i was in the bathroom my friend was
    getting in his car to go to his house. i have not seen him sense 2013

  5. Mia Ruvalcaba

    The guy in the green and white stripes sounds irish…..well the kid’s
    voice sounds irish.