Kids becoming more susceptible to bullying

A state doctor addresses bullying concerns as children prepare to go back to school.

Dr. Peter Karofsky, a retired pediatrician, joined us live on Wake Up Wisconsin Weekend to shed some light on the matter. He said, statistically speaking, bullying is becoming less of a problem. “The U.S. Department of Education has shown over the past 10 years, the incidents of bullying have, in 12-18 years olds, have dropped from 32% to 22%, which is good, but 22% is almost a quarter of the kids,” said Karofsky.

Dr. Karofsky recognizes technology as a gateway for bullying to continue. “The Internet and cell phones have made it possible for people to gang up on people… a bully rarely bullies alone,” said Karofsky. “It’s built into the Internet and cell phones because the information is transferred so easily.”

Karofsky notes several warning signs parents can watch out for in kids, so they will know if their child is being bullied or acting out as the bully. For more on that, click on the attached video to see Dr. Karofsky’s full interview on Wake Up Wisconsin Weekend.