Kim Kardashian makes ‘all-time low’ parenting move | #parenting

Kim Kardashian makes ‘all-time low’ parenting move

Kim Kardashian is being trolled for trying to sell her kids’ $300 robes and other used items instead of donating them to charity.

Taking to Reddit, a fan post pointed out that the 41-year-old reality star put items for sale on which is a “resale site featuring the Kardashian Jenner family’s fabulous and fun clothing.”

The post read, “The Kardashian Kloset got even more disgusting and strange…

“Selling their CHILDREN’s SWIMSUITS…something ain’t right with this, I can’t be the only one,” the post continued.

Reacting to the post, a fan wrote, “This is an all-time low parenting move from Kim and fam, just sick.”

“Are they that desperate for money? [Do] they need to sell second-hand clothes for $40?” slammed another user.

A third comment read, “On top of their private jet stuff, they’re just so sick in the head. They cannot even for a moment think of doing anything for anyone else for nothing.”

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