Klevokian the Drunk Insane Clown

Good ‘ol Klevokian the clown. Long time ago in a country far, far away, Klevokian the clown was born. He wasn’t born a person, he was born a clown. From the …


25 thoughts on “Klevokian the Drunk Insane Clown

  1. TheSynthExperience

    That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a long time. I usually don’t
    give one star ratings but you really deserve it!

  2. moominpic

    And it was all Polish before Russia, Germany and Austria carved the Polish
    federation up between themselves. Finland were allies with Germany to
    protect itself from Russia and actually turned against Germany later in the
    war. I believe it was the only country to play both sides and still repay
    all war debts to all countries.

  3. burke2314

    Captainspaulding u r stoopid. This was a great piece of work on zero
    budget. Let’s see you do better butt munch.

  4. Squid Burns

    Just the Russian Clowns…or any clown for that matter. Besides if I wanted
    to make fun I could talk about your Hockey team. NARF! _s


    OMG, did thedog #435 really ask “how did u catch this on film????????” ?
    Now THAT is something to ROFALMAO about! Also, I find it hard to believe
    that there are assless people out there caused by laughing at this unfunny
    production, although they may be rolling on the floor in pain!