6 thoughts on “KRISE – Choking Game

  1. x1l0

    all u guys sayin they suck…… stfu u bet u guys cant do any better im
    not saying i can but dont give them any shit they did alright and suck my
    nuts as well…


    WOW…that song is fucking grate…wadestrong suck my balls…and..godildo
    suck my ( escroto ) =======8

  3. noelle1989

    ahhh… I tried to be nice a listen to the whole thing, but quite frankly,
    this band needs a hell of a lot more. Just playing the music isn’t enough
    to be good. Going to a concert and seeing some very still, emotionless
    people on stage is boring. Mumbling into a microphone isn’t considered
    singing either. I know some very hard core bands and you can make out every
    word they say. This COULD be something, but needs work done… bad.