Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard share parenting tip for coronavirus pandemic | #parenting

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard recently shared a new parenting tip for families — one that can make a huge impact.

The couple recently spoke at the marketing summit Advertising Week 2020 about the best way to parent, and it includes giving gratitude.

  • “We’re in the bed sometimes at night, they will say, ‘Does anyone want to talk about what they’re grateful for?’ And immediately (my) mom heart goes crazy, and I’m like, ‘Sure, if you do,’ trying to act cool,” she added.

Shepard said the idea sponsored by the “12 step program” from Alcoholics Anonymous, which helped him overcome an opioid addiction, according to E! Online.

  • “We’ve been trying to move it up to the morning, as it’s been recommended to me by, well, the 12 Step program is very into that,” Shepard said. “As soon as you start the day, there’s the three blessings, there’s a lot of different traditions that incorporate a morning gratitude list.”

Mental health:

Bell said she will prioritize her daughter’s mental health as well she begins to raise her among the COVID-19 pandemic, according to People magazine.

  • “I’m going to prioritize her mental health, just like I prioritize my mental health, and if she is too overwhelmed, I’m going to shut the computer and take a 5-minute break,” Bell said, according to People magazine.

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