Kylie Jenner Pregnant With Tyga’s Baby? Shocking Report Claims Teen Got Pregnant Before 18

Is Kylie Jenner really pregnant with Tyga’s baby?

A shocking new report claims that the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star, 18, is two months pregnant with her boyfriend’s child.

It’s been less than two weeks since Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday, but Life & Style magazine claims that the teen is already two months along. This means that if the rumor is indeed true, then Jenner got pregnant when she was 17.

An insider claimed to the magazine that Jenner ang Tyga are thrilled about the pregnancy.

“[Kylie] is legal now and doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone. Kylie couldn’t be more excited about having a baby with Tyga,” the mag’s source claimed (via Hollywood Life).

Tyga, who is already a father to 2-year-old King Cairo, reportedly thought Jenner was joking when she first told him about the pregnancy.

“[Tyga] though she was just kidding around that she was pregnant. That’s when she placed a positive pregnancy test in his hands. Tyga immediately hugged and kissed her when he saw the proof,” the insider told the magazine (via Hollywood Life).

According to the report, the whole Kardashian clan reportedly knows about the pregnancy except for Caitlyn Jenner.

“She hasn’t talked to [Caitlyn] about it because [Cait] will question Tyga’s motivation. Caitlyn likes Tyga, but she thinks Kylie is growing up way too fast,” an insider claimed in the magazine’s Aug. 31 issue.

This isn’t the first time rumors about Jenner being pregnant have surfaced, Jezebel noted. It’s highly likely that there’s no truth behind the rumors.

In fact, Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner has been telling her youngest daughter to be cautious and use birth control for years now so the teen might have taken her mother’s advice to heart.

“Kris has been preaching to Kylie about birth control for years,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She was only 23 when she had Kourtney so she knows what it’s like to be a young mother. She has always wanted the girls to really be ready before going down that road.”