Labor would fund child abuse redress scheme

Labor would commit at least $33 million to a national redress scheme, new redress agency and oversight council to compensate victims of institutional child abuse if they were to win the next election.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse recommended the government establish a single $4.01 billion scheme, largely funded by institutions and backed up by government.

The Abbott government declined to commit to it, despite support from some of the states, saying it was too complex and it did not have a role picking up the bill for institutions that could not pay.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said $20 million of the funds would go towards setting up the redress agency to work with state and territory governments and institutions to compensate the estimated 60,000 victims, with an assumed claim of between $10,000 to $200,000 each.

A council would also be established, including representatives of survivor advocacy and support groups, churches and non-government institutions, disabilities and legal experts.