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Biden Live News: Latest opinion polls and updates on 2020 elections as FBI director warned against Russian interference

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, will not be the subject of any Donald Trump preliminary debate. He will guide their three discussions. (AP)

Joe Biden remains ahead of Donald Trump in most national polls with about six weeks remaining until the presidential election, but the average new Real Clear Politics polls show his lead of less than 4 percent in battlefield states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, providing a warning in The right time of indolence.

Speaking from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, on Wednesday, the Democratic candidate targeted the Trump administration’s pandemic response and empty promises: “I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump.”

In other news, FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed that his agency had witnessed “very active efforts by the Russians” to interfere in the presidential elections.

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Joe Biden took advantage of the white privilege, and says he was also viewed with contempt due to growing up in Scranton and not attending Ivy League school

When asked whether he had benefited from the privilege of whites, Biden said he had not gone through what blacks suffered.

Biden said, “I definitely benefited just because I didn’t have to go through what my black brothers and sisters were.”

“We grew up here in Scranton, we got used to guys looking at us from below, looking at people looking at us and thinking we were suckers, looking at us and thinking we don’t, we are not equivalent to them, if you don’t have a college degree then you must be stupid, If you really can’t go to Ivy School. ”

He continued, “We are as good as everyone else, and the guys like Trump, who inherited everything and squandered what they inherited are the people that I’ve always had a problem with. Not the people who break their necks.”

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Biden is committed to accept the results of the November elections.

Sure, full results. Biden said, “Count every vote.” “Could any of you historians think of any president who said early on,“ I’m not sure I’ll accept the election results, it stops, ”what happened to us, that’s not Who we are, this is not America. ”

This comes after Hillary Clinton urged Biden not to waive the election “under any circumstances” and leaked Democratic strategy sessions revealed that former Clinton employee John Podesta, who played Biden, indicated that the West Coast would succeed in the union if Trump wins.

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Breaking: Biden is calling on Trump to step down over his response to the Coronavirus where his first municipal council resides

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden described Attorney General William Barr’s comments equating wearing a mask with slavery as “sick” and called on Donald Trump to “step aside” over his response to the coronavirus during his first municipal council in the general election.

“You lost your freedom” to go to baseball games or visit family members “because he didn’t act,” the former vice president said of the man in office hoping to come on January 20.

Follow the story as it unfolds.

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Joe Biden said AG Bell Barr compared lockdowns due to the coronavirus to slavery

Biden responded to the attorney general’s description of coronavirus lockdowns as the largest interference with civil liberties in history “other than slavery.”

“What Bill Barr said recently is outrageous,” Biden said. “I will tell you what robs you of your freedom, the inability to see your son, the inability to go to the game of football or baseball, not to see your mother or father sick in the hospital, the inability to do things, this is what costs us our freedom.”

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Biden says the Affordable Care Act will be reinstated with a public choice

Biden said today he will bring back the Affordable Care Act and add a public option to make healthcare more affordable for Americans.

“The idea that healthcare is being discussed whether it is a right, a privilege or not, is an absolute right and so we have to make sure, especially in the era of Covid, that any costs related to Covid are in fact free. And the federal government guarantees that it is taken care of.

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Biden has championed protesters who have defied lockdowns due to the coronavirus

The former vice president defended the activists who took to the streets over the summer, saying that the safety of the pandemic is an issue that concerns everyone regardless of where they are, but that protesters have a right to speak up.

Biden said: “There is a big difference between walking, moving, and people sitting on their cheeks, shoulder to shoulder, a thousand of them, breathing each other, inside and out, and this causes real and serious problems.”

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Biden says take the coronavirus vaccine if Dr. Anthony Fauci says it is safe

Joe Biden softened his stance on the coronavirus vaccine, saying Americans should take it if it is approved by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

If Fauci says the vaccine is safe, then we should get vaccinated. “We have to listen to the scientists, not the president,” Biden said.

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Biden asserts that the mandate is only hidden on federal property with a fine, while governors are required to be on state territory

“I’d like to see governors enforce wearing masks, period. Biden said,” I can do it on federal possessions as president I’ll do it, on federal territory I have power. ”

“On federal lands you have to wear a mask. In a federal building, you have to wear a mask and we can be fined for not doing that.”

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Biden appears to be backing away from national mandates on the coronavirus response

“You can’t delegate that, but as President of the United States, I would have put a massive blow to what needs to be done to keep people safe in the workplace and at school, and that requires us to do rapid, preventive tests,” said Biden. “The equipment was available from the start, just as he didn’t President.”

He had previously said he would establish a mandate on National Mask, which he said this week that his legal team was viewing it as an executive order.

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CNN Town Hall begins without host Anderson Cooper or Joe Biden wearing face masks

Cooper said: “I have tested negative for the Corona virus this morning, and I will still keep my distance.”

Biden said, “I tested too!”

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