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OCTOBER sees Cumbria Constabulary launch a Month Of Vulnerability Initiatives and Education (Operation MOVIE).

This campaign will run on the Constabulary’s and Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website, as well as social media and is set to ‘shine a spotlight’ on the work the force is doing to protect and support vulnerable people in Cumbria.

Operation Movie starts today, to coincide with and support the launch of the Cumbria’s Safeguarding and Children Partnership (CSCP) and NSPCC’s ‘It’s Not OK’ campaign, as supported by Peter McCall with funds from NHS England’s Sexual Assault and Abuse Services fund.

Every day, in the county, police officers interact with an average of 60 people who are identified as vulnerable.

Where vulnerability is identified in a victim or perpetrator, appropriate safeguarding will be assessed and implemented.

The work the police undertake to safeguard vulnerable persons is largely unseen by the public.

Cumbria Constabulary was rated ‘Good’ by HMICFRS for their work keeping people safe. This campaign offers the Constabulary the chance to focus on showing the public what they do.

During the month, Cumbria Constabulary will look at diverse topics of vulnerability.

Areas that will be covered include the ‘It’s Not OK’ campaign, childhood trauma, hate crime, sexual offending, exploitation and others.

The themes will be supported with a wide range of educational information, helpful contacts and behind-the-scenes to show the unseen work the police undertake to safeguard the vulnerable.

From this month of initiatives and education, the constabulary hope to provide the public with an insight into the work they are doing around vulnerability and to encourage vulnerable victims to report crime or seek support.

Detective Chief Inspector Dan St Quintin said: “Launching Operation MOVIE allows the force the opportunity to further show the Cumbrian public all the police work that goes on, which is mainly unseen, to protect vulnerable people.

“We are never complacent and are always looking at ways to improve our services and keep people safe.

“This month we are shining a spotlight on all the work we do to keep vulnerable people safe

“There are lots of topics being covered this month, including our support of the NSPCC’s ‘It’s Not OK’ campaign and then the week after we will look at our new Child Centred Policing teams.

“Throughout the month, there will be a lot of helpful information being shared on our social media pages for people to read, watch and listen to.

“I want this opportunity to enable our communities to gain more understanding of what happens if they report a crime and are vulnerable. I hope by highlighting the great work that the constabulary does, it will encourage people to report what is happening to them.

Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said: “For most of us Policing is about speeding or anti-social behaviour, the sorts of crime we can see, but so much work goes on unseen, but so vital in protecting the vulnerable. I am pleased that Operation Movie will be shining a spotlight onto the proactive work around safeguarding vulnerable groups during the month of October, as it is important for us all to understand the huge range of work the police do on our behalf.

“Today’s Child Exploitation Conference marks the launch of child exploitation awareness raising ‘It’s Not OK’ campaign with Cumbria Safeguarding Children Partnership (CSCP) and the NSPCC.

“By raising awareness of child exploitation, we can all help improve the chances of young people being heard and help to deter sexual predators and trafficking.

“We need more people to be aware of how to spot the signs and to say something if they see something that they are concerned about.

“Throughout this month, I will be attending various events that promote just some of the proactive work done all year round by the force and partners to highlight to the public what is being done, often unseen, for vulnerable people in Cumbria – keeping us all safe.”

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