Learning about safety

web1_Law-EnforcementLocal public safety officers were recently honored in appreciation by Mt. Moriah Summer Camp Children’s Ministries with Pastor Edward Searcy II. The children heard about the different agencies, asked questions, and responded well to the various speakers.

Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore gave an awesome speech to the children. He said the department’s main goal is safety for the citizens. Sheriff Kilgore asked, “How many people do you think are in the County jail at this time? Little hands went up with answers such as one million, five hundred, two, and one billion. However, the answer was 110 people currently at this time.

Sheriff Kilgore displayed items his department uses to promote safety for the citizens. He began with the basics such as hand cuffs, and one hand went up in the air immediately and stated, “I saw them on my cousin once,” which filled the room with laughter. The Sheriff continued with shackles and another hand went up, singing “Those are shackles on my feet,” a familiar song. He explained the use of the shackles is to keep an inmate from being able to quickly run away. Third, he showed bullet proof vests with information of how it they are used for the safety of employees.

The children were astounded by the red light on the Taser, and the Sheriff gave the example of when he might use it on someone.

“If I was chasing Reverend Searcy and he had a stick in his hand, I would Taser him to prevent him from hurting me or himself,” said Kilgore.

Other items included a gas mask, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and a portable radio.

The next speaker was Officer Marcus Denson from the Thomaston Police Department. He explained to the children the need to call 911 when they see something wrong, such as a video now circulating on You-Tube showing a cow being tackled. The children laughed wildly and some shook their heads as if they have seen the video.

Sergeant Lawrence Harrell of the Georgia State Patrol spoke about safely crossing the road when riding school buses and never being afraid of law enforcement officers. He also gave out coloring books to the children.

The summer ministry camp also featured a local EMT, Jeff McDuffie, from Mid-Georgia Ambulance Service. McDuffie described the different items used in the care of victims when being transported to the hospital. He explained the need for children to learn their address so that they will be able to tell the 911 operator where they live if one of them had to call for help.

Firefighters Gary Lutke and Zack Spillers from Northside Volunteer Fire Department were the last to speak to the children. They asked the children what is the first thing to do when there is a fire? The answer is when there is smoke or fire, to get out of the house and call 911. They said the main reason to get out of the house before calling 911 is to avoid the possibility of smoke inhalation, which could cause a person to pass out. They also demonstrated how firefighters train to get dressed in their turnout gear and breathing equipment in under two minutes.

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Source: The Thomaston Times