Let’s Play Shattered Memories 05 – The Choking Game

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14 thoughts on “Let’s Play Shattered Memories 05 – The Choking Game

  1. Witch Sniffer

    The Dual Audio version for this one doesn’t seem to be on Blip/lparchive
    any more. It seems that way for a few episodes. Are there any backups,

  2. n0ts0smarty

    idk what you’re all joking about this is exactly like the sessions I have
    with my therapist

  3. vabvaab

    I watched this on blip the first time through, but I’m glad you’re
    uploading them here. youtube is a smoother ride for some reason. viva la

  4. kaz3kag3gaara

    (THIS IS A SPOILER.) It’s a lot creepier the way he asks about being a slut
    when you know who he’s actually talking to.