Letter: Endorsement for Leila Morrelli, Candidate for Board of Education | #Education

To the Editor:

I am excited to support and advocate for my friend Leila Morrelli for a seat on the Board of Education in Westfield for the 2020 election. My family and Leila’s family have been close friends for 11 years.  In fact, our oldest children met each other in preschool at St. Paul’s in Westfield in 2009, and they are still close friends today. Since I’ve known her, Leila has always deeply cared about this community we live in and the people that live here, especially the children.  Perhaps it is because she is from Brooklyn or perhaps because she is a teacher herself, but her perspective is usually unique and always wise.  She will be the first person to raise her hand to defend a friend as well as someone she hardly knows.

Leila is my go-to friend if I ever need advice, especially when it comes to parenting issues. When my youngest child was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2 years old, she was one of the first people I called. I trust her advice implicitly.  She helped me navigate the early intervention program and gave me invaluable advice on the educational options for my son.  She also let me cry on her shoulder when I needed to because that’s what a best friend does.

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I have no doubt that Leila’s experience with children of varying special needs, as well as her exceptional ability to communicate with others and stand up for her beliefs, will make her a valuable and trusted member of the Board of Education. Her commitment to Westfield and especially its children will undoubtedly lead to her success.

Thanks for your time.

Mary Gaffney
Westfield, NJ

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