Letter From a Los Angeles Teacher Jail

This address was delivered before the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Board of Education on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, J…


5 thoughts on “Letter From a Los Angeles Teacher Jail

  1. Stan Dicarlo

    Excellent. It’s about time someone spoke up about the LAUSD
    Superintendent’s witch hunt against teachers!

  2. Luis Armendariz

    John Deasy knows whats rite for the schools especially bcuz i got to see
    the man at my school on the 22 of april 2013 he looks nice to me

  3. Gordon Johnston

    Mr. Deasy had one question to answer and he completely misled with his
    answer. We only have to go back 3 years to make the point. Three years ago,
    13 teachers fired from LAUSD. Two years ago 56. Last year 758 + hundreds
    more to start the cue for this year. For Mr. Deasy to compare his actions
    to previous superintendents is a blatant mis-characterization of reality
    that the school board is completely complicit in.