Letter: Stopping child abuse locally

Stopping child abuse locally

When I turn on the television to watch the local news, I often see another case of child abuse. Either a kid gets left in a car or physically abused by their parents. According to Child Protective Services, in 2014 there were 1,308 confirmed victims of child abuse in Nueces County. Obviously there’s an issue, but what are we doing to fix it? Yes, groups help with these situations after the abuse has already been inflicted, but what about before?

Instead of the city trying to make new park venues for tourists’ scenery, why don’t they invest our taxpayer money in funding programs to prevent child abuse before it happens? Developing a parenting class and implementing it into CCISD’s high schools could be a start. Since Corpus Christi was once known for its high rate of teenage pregnancy, this class would benefit any young parent or future parents with techniques to improve their parenting skills in disciplining a child and how to handle certain situations. We all know parenting is not an easy job, but if we are taught these techniques before we have children, it can change our whole perspective in parenting.

The City Council is so caught up in trying to build venues and parks for tourists. They think only of the financial benefits for this city. But what about the development of our children’s lives, ensuring that these kids are growing up with well-structured families with morals and values? They are our future, right?

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