Letter to the Editor: Vote for Aisha Mahmood, Parsippany Board of Education | #Education

A graduate of Parsippany-Troy Hills High School and a resident of Parsippany for 30 years, Aisha brings a unique approach to her quest to aid in the future challenges facing the school community.

Aisha graduated from Kean University with a degree in biology. Since then she has worked in the pharmaceutical, financial, and telecommunication industries. She has 14 years of experience as a business and project manager and also 15 years as a real estate agent. It is a combination of skills gleaned from these varied professional experiences that make her singularly prepared to tackle the responsibilities of a school board member.

As a real estate agent, one has to be aware of federal and state laws, regulations, and local policies. This is a basic component of board decisions as well. Also, the board has to set the budget as well as the agenda of the schools, make rules and policies, and set learning standards, all the while being responsive to the values and beliefs of the community. In all her past jobs and professional life, Aisha has had to keep abreast of the latest technology to be effective. She has advised prospective clients on current market conditions and directed the negotiation process of real estate transactions. She remains open to learning about the expectations, goals, and needs of the district in learning how to provide the best educational experience the community can afford for its students, while working within the tax base, being aware of state and federal monies available.

Aisha believes that the district must prepare its students for entering college, the workforce, the military, or any other area in which individuals have an interest.  “As a board member, I will strive to help our school system have what it needs to prepare our students to meet our changing world. Technology! I personally believe there should be more technology-related classes for students in a week.”

Although there are other candidates with more experience than Aisha has, she believes her professional experience together with her technical skills and business sensibilities provide her with a firm foundation to fill the needs of a school board position.

Please consider Aisha Mahmood for a position on the Parsippany Board of Education. VOTE 4, 5, 6 November 3!

Elizabeth C. Cieri

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