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Well, once again, a Socialcratic letter writer distorts what is actually going on.

In the 9-1-20 AV Press, opinion writer Jarold Wright of Santa Rosa has swallowed the lies of CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc. So, to you Mr. Write, I will get you to be right.

You live very close to San Francisco, when was the last time you drove or walked the streets of that once beautiful town?

If it was in the last two years, how much crap, literally, did you walk around? I just recently was there. Guess what? The stench of human waste was not overpowered by millions of billions of dope smoke. And sir, it was all over the city, business sections, parks, even areas where folks live.

Your heroes the far out left do absolutely zero about it, choosing to let it lay there. Go there, then go to Portland, watch from a safe, high place as the mob mentality takes over the downtown area, yet again. Then write a letter to us all, tell us what you said and defend these criminals if you dare.

If you don’t go, then you should not blame it on Trump. In case you’ve forgotten your civics, the president cannot rule, run or do anything within the borders of any state without the sitting governors’ permission.

Since the governor of Oregon is as left as anyone, she won’t ask for help. Soon the mob will come for her and the idiot mayor of Portland, unless they ask for federal help.

I am amazed that you did not know that. At least, that is what you imply in your letter. Please look it up on a legit website, you will see that your claim of do nothing Trump is unfounded.

Instead of the NFL, MLB and the NBA I’ve found the Johnsonville corn hole championship matches to be very entertaining as an alternative to the overpaid social warriors.

The world must be ending because a Kennedy lost an election in Massachusetts.

I see the Sacramento political pedophiles are making it easier for there friends not to be registered as sexual predators…

So governor Bongwater and the rest of the Sacramento pedophiles don’t want to admit that they might need some other way of making electricity you know other than the sun and the wind.

I seen a article about solar that some of the early panels are failing at an alarming rate plus you can’t put them in the land fill or recycle them. What to do what to do. The turbine blades on the windmills made from carbon fiber are the same, can’t recycle or pump in land fill.

The Wright Brothers flew the first controllable powered airplane on December 17, 1903, but after that the Antelope Valley took over. We have seen the very latest and greatest fly over our skies during the past 80+ years. The Antelope Valley is known as the Aerospace Valley for good reason. We have built countless aircraft including the Space shuttles right here in Aerospace Valley. The record books are riddled with flights from Aerospace Valley, including speed and altitude standards.

Recently there is serious discussion of Palmdale being the home of the new United States Space Command (USSPACECOM) headquarters.

Our area is already home to aerospace giants such as Northrop Grumman, who is leading the way with the next generation stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider to give our nation even more long range capabilities. Lockheed Martin, which is leading the way on the F-35 JSF which keeps our air superiority with the F-22 unmatched by any possible foe.

Boeing has a strong presence in Aerospace Valley with several projects and platforms. NASA has a long history in the Aerospace Valley with platforms such as the Space Shuttle, X-15 and the new X-59 QueSST. Our region has Plant 42, Edwards AFB, Mojave Spaceport, and countless small aerospace businesses in Palmdale and Lancaster which make our area unparalleled in ideas, construction and test of aircraft and space systems.

To me, it’s clear that the Aerospace Valley is the perfect choice for USSPACECOM. For example, the long awaited opening of a sustainable airport.

Will anyone account for those who have “lost their lives to Covid” that never had the disease? I just lost my brother. He underwent cancer treatment and was transferred to multiple hospitals without a family member being able to comfort him because of Covid restrictions. Too weak to talk on the phone, but family was considered dangerous.

We were able to see him two days before he died, on hospice, too weak to respond. My friend recently lost her brother in a similar situation when he starved to death in a skilled nursing facility because no employee made the effort to feed him.

Wouldn’t a family member sitting at his side been a better choice to administer love, care, familiarity and comfort than a stranger? My aunt was in a nice residential care facility where she was kept in her room, meals brought to her door, no family members allowed in, no contact. She dehydrated and by the time her family realized she could not be brought back.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Child abuse is up, spousal abuse is up, suicide is up, the elderly are neglected and isolated, children are not being educated. People are suffering alone. The ambulance pulls out of your driveway and chances are you will never see your loved one again. This craziness must stop.

William P. Warford aka Bill has lifted the spirits of many in his thrice weekly column over 26 years. I’ve probably read every one, shared some, saved some. Sorry to see a happy habit change to twice weekly, but I understand. Now a full-time teacher, with challenge of virtual classes, the man’s making adjustments.

I met Bill a few times, once at the Palmdale Fall Festival’s Antelope Valley Press booth. “I like your column,” I said. He thanked me. “I don’t always agree, but I like it.” “That’s okay,” he laughed good-naturedly. We could have that same conversation today.

I took an afternoon workshop with Bill. The subject, of course, was journalism. I remember his suggestions on finding interesting topics. A favorite was getting out and about, engaging with people, sometimes simply observing. Heart and humor make good story-telling. Bill’s columns are so diverse we never know what’s next. Most include those elements and a dose of wisdom.

With so many changes in the country, the world, especially in 2020, tradition is comfort. I’ll miss Bill’s Tuesday column. Just glad Warford’s words will rile us up, or reassure, or bring a smile Sundays and Fridays.

Senator and VP hopeful Kamala Harris visited Jacob Blake, a police shooting victim, on Sunday and said she was proud of him.

Proud of what? Proud that he is accused of sexual assault, resisting arrest, stealing his girlfriend’s car keys or is it something else that we don’t know about.

With the accusations against Mr. Blake it is odd that a former California AG, US senator and candidate for vice president would use the word “proud” when speaking about him.

Since we can now thankfully avail ourselves to some retail, restaurants and other establishments, when the time comes, get out and vote.

Covid-19 should not be an excuse for relying on mail-in ballots in the up-coming election. Utilize and appreciate our country’s voting process, enter the voting booth and cast your immediate vote. With the exception of absentee ballots, mail-in voting is wrought with obvious potentially contentious problems.

This election is crucial to the future of our country and our right to vote is a privilege many countries do not have. Keep it the way it has always been and get election results on November 3, not weeks or months later. Vote early. Vote in person. Do it the right way.

What is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC)? A HFC is a device that generates electricity through an electrochemical reaction, not combustion. In a fuel cell, hydrogen and oxygen are combined to generate electricity, heat, and water. The electrical energy powers vehicles, including train locomotives. A HFC produces electricity without unwanted hydrocarbon by products, i.e., clean energy.

Currently, I am actively aiding in the technical transfer of very successfully proven European Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) technologies that power train locomotives in more than (17) nations to the USA. The Stadler Rail company, located in Bussanang, Switzerland is the world leader in applying HFC technologies for powering train locomotives, with hundreds of HDC powered train locomotives operating within 17 nations. However, currently not the USA. The Alstom company located in Saint-Ouen, France and the Ballard Power Systems company located in Vancouver, Canada also build HFC powered train systems.

During the 2008-2010 time frame, The Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad, coupled with U.S. Army funding, developed an operational HFC powered train locomotive, at the BNSF Topeka, KS shops. The USA oil and petrochemical industry lobbies significantly suppressed this HFC powered locomotive operational success. This HFC powered locomotive produces power equal to a comparative Diesel powered locomotive, however without noise, and without hydrocarbon polusion.  

My point is, I am in agreement with the AV Press article published Monday, August 24, 2020, entitled, “Parris discusses hydrogen society”, our Mayor, Mr. Parris is majorly correct to establish a Hydrogen fuel generation plant here in the Lancaster area, to provide fuel for HFC powered locomotives, trucks, and automobiles.

Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda now builds HFC powered automobiles. Alstom, Ballard, and Nikola now builds HFC powered semi-trucks. Its about time that the USA steps up with the rest of our world.

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