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Is this progress?

So once again we awake up in Colorado Springs to another mass shooting! Last one I lost a dear friend Joana Cruz, when six people got killed along with the shooter. What gives? Are we here in Colorado the Grandfather of Mass Shootings? It seems like it. It all kind of started with Columbine. Amazing how crazy people feed on each other’s sicknesses, devastating and sad for everyone!

As a native, somehow, I always feel a little responsible. Why, I’m not sure, other than I recall how Colorado Springs was growing up here. It was much smaller. No crime to speak of. No homeless. Then came, as they call it, “progress”. We grew and grew and keep growing! I know, “it’s so beautiful here”. Really what is so special about it now? Yes, of course it is still beautiful, but it is nothing like it was and obviously never will be again.

Somehow, not just here, but all across the nation, we can’t seem to get any control over people that have really sick minds. We don’t get them help! We don’t have facilities to help them. They run amuck as criminals and now we have less power to control the madness. Are we thinking this is “progress”? We seem to be able to build massive amounts of houses, apartment, entertainment facilities and yet no “progress” for those that need it.

Do I have the answer? No, but all these politicians and community leaders that are talented in many ways don’t seem to know what to do. Or are we so busy building and growing, we don’t have time for the people that need us the most.

I know people are opposed to locking up people. Quite honestestly, it does not appeal to me either, but what are the options? Doing nothing doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe a suggestion that we “build” a place to at least captivate those we know are troubled and at least make an attempt to try and help them. Just thinking about “progress”!

Maureen Christopher

Colorado Springs

We need enforceable laws

I commend the The Gazette’s editorial on Monday (“We must find a way to stop the killings”). We must show our support for a grieving community that remains vulnerable and — to too many — a legitimate target for hate.

But this is just one of over 600 mass shootings this year; 2021 set a record of over 700. This year, approximately 20,000 people have already died from gun violence, not counting the over 20,000 deaths by gun suicide.

Inviting us to keep a watchful eye for those “who may be ready to snap,” is not enough. We must quit stacking the deck against innocent victims.

Those who acquire and use weapons to commit violence against others have few obstacles in their way. In too many cases, killers can legally acquire weapons; don body armor; walk into schools, churches, shopping areas, or night clubs; and kill innocent victims. In too many cases, the killer will not break any laws before pulling the trigger. In too many cases, the killer is able to kill or injure several people in seconds.

Living in fear of being the innocent victim of preventable gun violence is a form of terrorism. We need enforceable laws that (1) increase the obstacles to those who would seek to kill, (2) increase the warning signs that such is their intent, and (3) potentially reduce the carnage if such killings occur. “Good guys with guns” is no answer; make it harder for killers to get guns and use them.

Schuyler Foerster

Colorado Springs

Taking away freedoms

Thank you Woody Paige for your recent column. Wish I could say the same about the Gazette’s viewpoint. We need gun laws.

Start with banning the semi-automatic rifles. When they were banned under the Bill Clinton administration, we didn’t have the killing problem to this extent. I’m sick of you folks saying we’re taking your rights away if we ban these weapons.

You law abiding citizens are taking my freedoms away from me. Churches, movies supermarkets, bars — we can’t go anywhere without the threat of being shot. Boy, that’s real freedom. And who does The Gazette endorse for Congress? A right-wing uneducated mega Republican who sent out Christmas cards showing her kids holding AR-15s. Where are your morals? You and the Republican Party are as much of the problem as the crazies. Your only criteria for endorsing someone is that they be Republican, How sad. So quit with your hypocritical editorials.

Michael Hallisy

Colorado Springs

Thanksgiving more than a holiday

Thanksgiving has in large part become just another holiday for most people. But it’s way more than a holiday. It’s a story of courage, resolve, and providence. Many believe it’s about religious freedom, having learned about Thanksgiving in a government school where history has been revised by left wing ideologues for decades. But contrary to what most students learn in school, Thanksgiving is not about religious freedom. The idea regarding religious freedom is nothing more than spin. Most history books in school rarely cite original source documents in their historical accounts. But there actually does exist one account of a historical event which provides us with a first hand account. This account of an event we know as the “First Thanksgiving” is provided to us by way of a gentleman named William Bradford. He was there in Massachusetts that first Thanksgiving back in 1622. He just happened to be the second governor of Plymouth Plantation. Bradford provides us his first hand account of the reasons behind his band of Separatists leaving Europe for the New World.

Bradford explains why they departed the Old World and sailed for the New World in his journal which is now found in book form entitled, “Plymouth Plantation”. Contrary to what government schools would have their students believe, Bradford and company departed Holland and sailed to America for four specific reasons, none of which included their desire for “religious freedom”. They had already acquired and enjoyed religious freedom in Holland where they had been living for over a decade after having left England. They were no longer being persecuted by the Church of England — free to worship God according to their own beliefs as residents of Holland.

Bradford writes that they left Holland due to an impending war with Spain. Bradford and company feared the younger among them would find themselves entangled as military conscripts. Bradford also explained that their group of Separatists were experiencing unplanned attrition as others back in England had not been joining them in Holland. They had been becoming increasingly lonely and isolated. Then there was the decadent culture of Holland. Bradford and others feared their young ones would eventually be assimilated and corrupted by the godless culture of their day. The fourth reason for leaving Holland was opportunity to spread “the Gospel to parts of the world unknown.” It was this vision, and the faith of these people to leave Holland for America and what Johnathon Winthrop would soon call the “shining city on a hill”.

When you sit down at the Thanksgiving table consider giving thanks that there was “some divine plan”, as Ronald Regan once said, that placed this great continent between two oceans to be sought out by those who had a special kind of courage and possessed of an abiding love for freedom and the spread of the good news of the Gospel.

Bill Helbig

Colorado Springs

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