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WNBA belongs in Eugene 

After reading the Oct. 13 article, “WNBA looks at expansion with Portland in the mix,” I’d urge the commission to look south — to Eugene. Portland already flamed out with the Portland Fire, and while that was long ago, other than a large population, Portland offers no evidence of a strong women’s basketball culture. The article mentions high WBB attendance at Oregon and Oregon State, but it’s a stretch to think Duck and Beaver fans will travel north consistently, facing the endless bottlenecks of the Portland suburbs and the constantly under-construction freeways. 

In Eugene, the WNBA would have a ready-made, sellout crowd and a professional-level arena. Logic also suggests that placing the team in the middle of the state would attract even more fans from north and south. Eugene is an easily navigable city that already has a shuttle plan in place for Duck games. 

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