LGBTQ+ community has big stake in Howard school board race | #Education

The upcoming Howard County Board of Education election is critical for the well-being of LGBTQ+ students (”Maryland suburban school board races ‘fertile ground’ for conservative activists angered by COVID-19 mandates,” March 18). At long last, our schools are recognizing the ways in which this population finds achieving social and academic success especially challenging. In recent years, the administration has launched a multi-faceted effort to recognize and meet the needs of this previously invisible and underserved group.

All these efforts are in jeopardy. Web postings from groups claiming to represent parents have been spreading misinformation, accusing the school system of “grooming” children and using the term “indoctrination” to describe efforts toward including and welcoming LGBTQ+ students. Many supporting the well-being of LGBTQ+ children are parents, too, and those groups do not represent us.

We urge voters to inform themselves about which candidates will enthusiastically and unreservedly support marginalized students and which candidates are non-committal or indifferent to their plight. The success of thousands of the county’s LGBTQ+ young people depends on it.

— Ying Matties and Suzi Gerb, Ellicott City

The writers are, respectively, president of the board of directors and chair of the membership committee of the Community Allies of Rainbow Youth.

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