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If you’re raising a Libra, it maybe helpful to understand a bit more about their sign, and what that means when it comes to parenting them.

No one hands you a manual when you have a baby. We’re all just left to figure out this parenting thing on our own! And while some of the basic stuff is easy enough to figure out (like how to change a diaper, how to feed your kid, how to keep them relatively entertained, etc.), the hard parts often involve parenting your child in a way that works with both of your personalities. Parents of multiple children will often say that they’ve had to adjust their parenting style to fit each child – there is no one size fits all approach with raising kids! Two kids raised in the same home, by the same parents, with the same advantages and support will need two wildly different parenting styles. Obviously there are a lot of factors that play into that, but one of them could be your child’s astrological sign.

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It’s not an exact science, sure, but understanding the different traits and personality characteristics of your child’s sign may help you tailor your parenting style to best suit their needs. Since we’re in Libra season, let’s talk about the Libra child and some tips and tricks for parenting one.

The Libra child is naturally curious and imaginative.

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Most children have an innate curiosity about the world, but this is especially true of kids born under the Libra sign. They love exploring the world around them, and have very active imaginations. Libra kids don’t need all the latest gadgets and toys to entertain themselves; give a Libra child a box of old clothes or a collection of empty cardboard boxes, and they can spend hours on imaginative and fantasy play.

Libra kids thrive in most situations, but prefer more unstructured, free-range playtime in order to engage and flex their own creative muscles. Make sure your Libra child has access to a wide variety of books, toys, and materials they can use for inspiration, and give them a bit of freedom to explore on their own.

Libra kids are social butterflies.

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Does your child gravitate toward other kids at the park and try to make friends instantly? Do they love being around people and is down to chat up just about anyone? Do you often have to break up a lively conversation between your child and the check-out employee at Target? Then you might have a Libra. Libras much prefer being around friends to being by themselves, and is adept t making new friends in pretty much any situation.

While you won’t have to worry about first day of school jitters or whether or not your Libra will make friends at a birthday party where they only know one person, you may have to be diligent with just how gregarious and friendly your Libra is with strangers. Talk to your Libra child often about safety and stranger danger.

If you have a Libra child, you may notice that they don’t handle conflict well.

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Libras are natural people-pleasers, so they try to avoid conflict at all costs. They try to steer clear of negativity in general, and are sensitive to the emotions and feelings of the people around them. They don’t like when their parents are upset, or when they’re involved in a conflict with friends or siblings. Some Libra kids tend to take things personally; for example, if they have an argument with a friend, they start to question if that friend still cares for them.

Parenting a Libra child means being sensitive to their sensitivity. Reassure them that an argument or disagreement is not an indictment on how someone feels about them. Encourage your Libra child to get mad and experience those emotions so they can better understand how to work through them when it comes to resolving conflict.

Libra kids tend to be indecisive.

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Libras are the sign of the scale, and as your little one gets older, they’ll likely gravitate toward being a fair and balanced person. Libras weigh both sides equally before making a decision, and really value fairness in life. These are great qualities in adults! And they’re great qualities in kids, too. But this need to weigh all the options before making a decision can lead to indecisiveness in your Libra child. When faced with two or more options, they’ll have a hard time choosing, particularly when they like all the choices.

Be patient with your Libra child and give them the space and time to make their decisions. They’re not being indecisive to be a bother – remember, Libras don’t like conflict! Rather, they feel a deep need to weigh each of their choices deeply so they can be confident that they’re making the right decision.

Music can be very calming to a Libra child.

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We’d venture a guess that most kids love music. But Libra kids feel music deep in their soul. Music can be very calming and soothing for a Libra child, and may be the magic ticket for parents of Libra kids when it comes to helping them relax or come out of a funk.

Make music very accessible for your Libra child; have playlists they can listen to when the mood strikes, and introduce them to as many genres and musical artists as possible. When the time comes, encourage your Libra child’s desire to play an instrument – just know that they will probably have a hard time deciding which one to play.

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