Like Alabama football, Million Dollar Band eats pressure for breakfast | #students | #parents

INDIANAPOLIS — Drummers broke their drum heads, they were beating on them so hard. Someone in the marching band section smashed a chair. Everyone was jumping and ripping off their uniform clips.

The Million Dollar Band is supposed to count off the fight song immediately after an Alabama football win. The delay was forgivable after Tua Tagovailoa’s championship-winning pass to DeVonta Smith in January 2018. It broke Georgia hearts and Alabama equipment.

In the middle of that chaotic euphoria, a freshman trumpet player named John Schumacher thought to himself: “That will never happen again.” 

Four years later, Alabama has returned to the College Football Playoff three times, captured another championship and has a chance to win it all again Monday (7 p.m., ESPN) at Lucas Oil Stadium. John Schumacher’s five-year Million Dollar Band career will end the same way it started — an Alabama vs. Georgia championship — but this time he’ll be conducting. It’s one last ride for Alabama’s drum majors, who have witnessed the passing of time and the rotation of popular music selections.

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