Little People’s Audrey Roloff says husband Jeremy’s ‘rarely concerned’ about the kids as fans slam their ‘bad parenting’ | #parenting

LITTLE People, Big World star Audrey Roloff raised some eyebrows with a recent comment about her husband Jeremy Roloff online.

The reality star shared snaps of her son engaging in risky behaviors in the playroom while she watched from close by.


Audrey Roloff claimed online that husband Jeremy Roloff is “rarely concerned” about the kidsCredit: Instagram/@Audreyroloff
She shared a series of snaps of her youngest son engaging in risky play5

She shared a series of snaps of her youngest son engaging in risky playCredit: Instagram/@Audreyroloff

On Thursday, Audrey took to her Instagram Story to show off her son Radley’s favorite way to play on a ride-on toy.

She filmed as the tiny tot stood on a rocking lamb in a tiny blue jumpsuit.

The reality star wrote: “The first time I’ve ever heard jer be more concerned that a kid is going to fall than me.”

In the background, Jeremy could be heard saying, “Watch out,” as Audrey assured him, “No, he’s good, babe.”

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In a second clip, he continued standing and rocking as music played in the background.

Audrey captioned the post: “Doesn’t wanna sit on it. Only wants to ride on the back like this.”

She then shared a photo of him standing and smiling in her direction.

Finally, she filmed herself sitting next to him as he played, writing: “Can you please stop growing up.”

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Despite her claim that Jeremy is unconcerned about potential dangers, it appears he’s a hands-on dad.

Audrey ended her Instagram Story share with a video of the proud dad holding his baby boy, playing, and smiling.

The author herself has been flirting with danger as of late.


Earlier this week, Audrey shocked fans as she filmed her son biking with no clothing to protect his skin.

After the family said goodbye to their pricey Oregon home in preparation for their new, massive $1.5M farm, Audrey took to her Instagram Story to share a wistful post about her old home.

In the snap, the blue sky and suburban sprawl served as the backdrop as her two eldest of three geared up on bikes – to an extent.

Ember and Bode smiled while on bicycles, her blonde daughter wearing a cute pink dress to match her ride.

But younger also blonde Bode was wearing a helmet – and nearly nothing else but a pair of shoes.

Audrey seemingly tried to explain away the jarring lack of protective wear – or wear at all – in her caption, which read: “Gonna miss these early morning PJ bike rides around the neighborhood before breakfast.”

This is far from the first time she’s been criticized for her parenting.


Audrey recently posted photos of massive piles of unclean laundry she had not yet dealt with.

She tried to connect with fans in the Instagram Story, writing “Also this is my current view from my post bedtime lay down for a minute before cleaning up spot.

“Just here to make you feel better about your life.”

Critics slammed Audrey’s home as “filthy,” however, considering she’s a mom and begged her to clean the place up instead of posting.

One said: “That room is giving me anxiety all the way in Connecticut. They seem like unorganized slobs.”

A commentator chimed in: “Not a judgment at all, but I just don’t know how that happens. I raised [three] kids too and was a stay-at-home mom. My house never looked like that.”

Recently, behind the newborn son was a mess of toys scattered across the floor, including a construction truck, books and papers, and action figures.

Audrey also left her tots behind when she threw a recent NSFW party to break ground at the new expensive property.


The TV-famous couple posed on theme for their “Redneck party,” as Audrey captioned one photo in her cloud of party snaps and videos on Sunday, July 24th, for her belated 31st birthday.

Jeremy wore a red robe, his wife donning a jean overall number with a John Deere trucker-style cap and heavy eyeliner.

She also had her hair in pigtails and wore a red lip – and both had fake cigarettes.

With a huge group of 12+ they played a “Waterballoon shootin'” game and seemingly, flip cup.

After the first few party posts, she felt the need to explain the cigarettes.

“I really hope y’all know us well enough to know the answer to this…”

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A fan had asked if she was really smoking on Instagram.

“All cigarettes were props to fit our costumes,” Audrey then wrote over an all-black window, adding, “#smokingkills.”

The tot smiled while standing on a ride-on toy


The tot smiled while standing on a ride-on toyCredit: Instagram/@Audreyroloff
Audrey and Jeremy have been facing major backlash as of late


Audrey and Jeremy have been facing major backlash as of lateCredit: Instagram/@audreyroloff
The couple's parenting is often called into question


The couple’s parenting is often called into questionCredit: Instagram/audreyroloff

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