Local activist Sameera Rajwade announces candidacy for San Ramon City Council | News | #students | #parents

The field of candidates seeking to lead San Ramon has grown once again, with the announcement that 21-year-old Sameera Rajwade has declared their candidacy to represent District 3 on the San Ramon City Council.

A local community activist who has taken a leadership role in recent San Ramon Valley protests, Rajwade has pitched herself as an agent for progressive change in San Ramon, centering her platform around defunding the police, promoting educational reform and according to campaign officials, fighting for “intersectional justice of climate, race and economic well-being.”

“I am running for San Ramon City Council because I love San Ramon and want to fight for all of my fellow residents, not just those whose financial interests are aligned with government officials,” Rajwade wrote on her campaign website.

“As a City Council member, I will be able to translate my work on the streets fighting for marginalized communities into governmental policies. I will have the power to reinvest the city budget in parts of our community that has been forgotten by those with interests that lie in corporations,” they added.

Defunding and demilitarizing the San Ramon Police Department is a key pillar of Rajwade’s campaign, emphasizing that support from local and suburban communities is vitally important toward progressing meaningful change.

“Defunding the police is a national movement and bringing that movement into wealthy White/Asian suburbs is an extremely intrical part into actual making police defunding and eventual abolition and reparations a true manifestation in this world,” Rajwade said in a video posted on their campaign’s Instagram account.

A longtime student in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District herself, Rajwade is an enthusiastic proponent for educational reform. Advocating for a more inclusive curriculum in schools that teaches about the historical genocide and brutality of slavery that transpired in the United States, as well as the innovative contributions by Black and Indigenous people of color.

Acknowledging that promoting revolutionary change in the community is a tall order, Rajwade said that they hope to continue the conversation locally and increase participation from residents — particularly among San Ramon’s youth population.

“My campaign is to encourage, motivate and inspire other people who are young to run for office, to bring forth policy to their state or local governments and really bring this revolution in motion,” Rajwade said.

“I know for a fact that what I’m doing right now is an uphill battle and I have no idea if I’m going to win and even if I don’t I’m still going to keep fighting for liberation because that is why I am here,” they added. “I truly believe in a better future. I truly believe that change is coming but that can only happen with your participation.”

An active advocate for revolutionary change and supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Rajwade announced her candidacy during the Danville Black Lives Matter protest on July 4. A message she reinforced during a protest she led in San Ramon on July 11 titled, “End Environmental Racism and Modern Day Colonialism.”

A first-generation Indian American who identifies as non-Binary according to their website, Rajwade is a longtime San Ramon resident who attended Coyote Creek Elementary and Gale Ranch Middle schools before graduating from Dougherty Valley High School in 2017.

To learn more about Rajwade and their campaign, residents can visit their campaign website at www.sameeraforsanramon.com.

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