Local anti-bullying group continues to grow

It’s no secret that while middle school can be fun and exciting, it’s also an extremely difficult time for some kids.

Michael Collins is a typical 13-year-old boy who loves playing outside and helps out around the house.

He’s also autistic, and says being different hasn’t always been a breeze.

“The bully grabbed my arm and twisted it all the way back. I was screaming in pain the whole way home,” Collins said.

That’s when Operation Friendship got its start.

Michael launched the Facebook group a few months back where kids can come together to share the tough times, but also their brave experiences.

Since February, the number of page followers on Facebook has doubled, but that wasn’t enough for Michael.

The next step? Bringing Operation Friendship to schools.

“I would like peer mediation in schools so that way the teachers can find out what’s going on, why the bullies are doing it, and how can we solve it in the right way,” Collins said.

Michael has attended GPISD school board meetings, as well as met with the principal and superintendent.

As of Friday, Operation Friendship has been given the go-ahead.

On Wednesday, Michael will share the news and give a speech he prepared over the loud speaker at school, and the first official Operation Friendship meeting on campus will be Wednesday, May 10.

Source: http://www.kristv.com/story/35287942/local-anti-bullying-group-continues-to-grow